Our Services

Our services have been developed over the years to offer support to a diverse array of industries and create tailor made support plans for every company we work with.

Security Services

Am I Protected From This New Virus?

Together with our large community of security software partners we can anticipate any security threats and proactively manage our clients’ accounts in order to minimise any risk. In the event of an ‘Infection’ our team of Technical Account Managers will take the appropriate action to contain and remove harmful infections. This means you can rest assured that your companies valuable data is protected against malicious attack.

A New Client Has Asked Me How My Network Is Secured?

Part of our Account Management Methodology is to act as your IT department. At your request, we can open a dialogue with any third parties to ensure that their requirements are met and exceeded. Which means that you can continue to operate with your chosen partners and comply with any industry standards.

I Have Heard About Businesses Being Hacked, Am I Protected?

Our large community of security hardware partners allows us to install and manage industry recognised security solutions into your IT estate. These devices are monitored and updated via our Account Managers and are configured with the highest level of protection. This means that your network will remain protected when working in and out of the office, whilst preventing unauthorised access to your company data.