Supporting Your Business

We believe that the first step in delivering world class support is understanding your company. Although there are always some standard tools used, we know that every company is slightly different and many systems which are suited to a London based company with one office and ten employees may not be appropriate for a global company with a hundred employees and four offices in Europe, the Middle-east, the Far-east and North America. We specialise in working with growth businesses, but are able to help organisations with a wide range of different objectives. Choose the option below to find out more about how we can help you.

IT Support In The Heart Of London

You are a London based company, looking for an IT Support provider to locally manage your IT infrastructure. You have one office and are looking to expand over the next few years, whether that be globally, increasing your market share or becoming more competitive in your local geography.

Being London based, our team here at Northern Star are able to attend your site quickly, solving issues which cannot be fixed remotely, giving you peace of mind that your IT systems are being looked after properly.

The Importance of having a good IT Company in London

Even in a world of connectivity where remote access is possible, having local IT support is still vital for any business. This is because there are certain desirable factors that remote assistance simply can’t provide. Through choosing Northern Star, an IT company in London, your business benefits from the following:

1. Hands-on Support

IT issues which cannot be solved remotely can create big problems for your business. So, in the event of a crisis, you want your IT company in London – close to your business – so that you can have a technician come in and address issues if and when they arise. Keeping your support team in close proximity ensures that your business is never left facing an issue that appears to have no obvious resolution.

2. Quick Response

Modern connectivity means that business now moves at a much faster pace than it did in previous decades. Because of this, your business simply can’t afford to lose days waiting for outsourced IT services to arrive on site. By choosing a London-based IT company, you ensure that help is always close should you need it. In the event of a crisis, your support crew is only a matter of miles away, giving you a sense of security and ensuring that your business doesn’t suffer as a result of extended downtime.

3. Ongoing Support

Certain IT projects require extended periods of attention. Among these projects are infrastructure upgrades, security tests following crises, and the like. If your company does require the ongoing support demanded by such an event, having your IT services in close proximity is the only viable option as creating and maintaining an in-house team would be too costly in the sense of both time and budget.

4. Improved Customisation

Your IT infrastructure is significant in your company’s ability to bring in new business and develop its service offering. As a result, you want to be able to customise that infrastructure to suit your business’s specific needs. This is a challenge when working remotely as the actual implementation of your desired solutions may be dependent on physical proximity. If your IT service provider is located near your business, however, this is not an issue.

5. Better Security

Security is paramount when your data is accessible online, so it is in your business’s best interests to keep your security at its highest possible level. While it is possible to monitor the security of data remotely, you want a fast, hands-on reaction in the case of a breach. If your IT services are located nearby, this is exactly what you receive, which is a far better alternative to waiting for support while your systems are left exposed.

Regardless of the phase of your business’s development, having your IT support services on hand is an excellent idea. When dealing with information as important as that of your business’s data, you want your IT company in London to be effective, fast, and comprehensive. And, with support services located within the same city as your business, this is far easier to achieve.

If you are London-based, Northern Star is your ideal IT service provider. We are situated in the heart of London, and thus able to respond promptly to any issues which need physical attention. With us being right on hand, you don’t have to worry about long periods of downtime or your IT operations taking valuable time from other important areas.

The Importance of IT Support for Growing a Business

You want your IT solutions to be simple, effective, and seamless so that their management doesn’t interfere with your business’s development. But, that being said, you don’t want to put IT out of your mind altogether. IT is a vital part of business development, and a harmonious balance of technology and business operations is crucial to growing your business.

IT support should absolutely feature in your business’s growth plan for the following reasons:

1. Better Solutions Mean an Advantage over Your Competition

In the modern age, just about every business relies on technology in order to bring in new business and assert itself in the marketplace. Businesses that once relied on location now face new challenges as a result of online purchasing and delivery services, and businesses operating in highly competitive markets must find ways of working faster and smarter than their competitors.

IT is crucial in the quest to emerge as a leader in any market. If your business wants to outperform its competitors, you need a way to deliver a better product in less time while ensuring that your enterprise remains profitable. And, with the latest developments in technology, this is achievable. With cloud services, recent hardware, and cutting-edge security solutions all helping your business deliver excellent results in less time, IT is now more important for your business than it has ever been.

2. Familiarity Means Faster Support

With the pace of the modern business environment, you simply can’t afford to have your IT support take a lot of time. You need technical support that can diagnose problems without delay and implement solutions just as quickly, getting your business back on track with little or no downtime whatsoever. This is precisely why IT integration is so important.

A strong relationship with your IT company in London can help solve issues faster. If your support team is familiar with your IT setup and your business’s unique requirements, technicians can dispense with learning your system in order to examine it. The team can, instead, go straight to the diagnosis of any technical issues thanks to their familiarity with your system.

3. Better Service, Better Profits

So much of a business’s efficiency rests on its IT setup. Whether a business collects users’ data for the purpose of lead generation or rests its entire operation on its IT infrastructure, in the way that an ecommerce site does, the storage and management of data is integral to a business’s performance. A loss in IT infrastructure thus means a loss in performance, which can prove very costly indeed.

By paying special attention to your IT requirements, you can maintain your technical requirements and keep your service delivery operating at its maximum potential. Better service and consistent performance means fewer losses and better profits overall.

4. Savings on Resources

When growing a business, you can’t afford to be cavalier with your budget. You are always on the lookout for solutions that offer the same benefits but demand less expenditure. IT is an area in which you can accomplish this very well.

By using an IT company in London, you have the same practical support that you would with an in-house IT department. However, without the cost of salaries, benefits, and physical office space, the cost is much lower. You are then able to devote this extra budget toward growing and developing your business.

What Northern Star Can Do for Your Business in London

London is an excellent city in which to do business. It has a wealth of opportunity in terms of local clientele because it is home to countless other businesses and a large population. And, being a major city on the map, there is ample opportunity to use London as a springboard for international expansion.

But, regardless of whether you want to expand locally or on an international scale, securing locally-based, reliable IT services is a definite requisite. And, when it comes to choosing the best service provider for your requirements, you needn’t look any further than Northern Star. We give you:

• The Comfort of Proximity

Being based in London, we are here if and when you need us. Should you have any issues with your IT system that cannot be handled remotely, we are more than able to come to your office and give the problem practical attention. Being a local service provider also means that we are able to provide fast and effective support should your business experience a technical crisis. This proximity lets you relax in the knowledge that your IT system is well protected.

• Customised Support

Over the years we have refined our approaches and determined which tools and processes are the most effective. But, we certainly don’t adopt a generic approach to each project. Instead, we take great care in understanding your company and its specific requirements. We then tailor our approach to provide your business with the perfect IT infrastructure.

The understanding of the intricacies of each company that we work with has led us to being highly successful, and has given us the understanding necessary to work with companies of all sizes. While we may specialise in growing enterprises, we have the right solutions for companies all across the board, from start-ups to multi-nationals.

• A Working Relationship

Business growth is becoming increasingly dependent upon reliable, integrated IT solutions. And, at Northern Star, this is what we offer you. Let us supply your business with the tools, software, and data management solutions that will allow your business to stay a step ahead of the competition while increasing the quality of your service offering. Through a working relationship that develops in line with technical innovation, you can progressively grow your business and systematically achieve your goals.