Our Services

Our services have been developed over the years to offer support to a diverse array of industries and create tailor made support plans for every company we work with.


Our Account Managers are chosen for and trained in the ability to communicate the whole service.

We think good customer service means you deal with the same person throughout your initial set-up through to your continued advice, consultancy and guidance. This means from start to finish you will have an Account Manager who understands your business’ needs but is also your own engineer and IT consultant. Yes, they are the whole package.

You will have regular visits from your own assigned Technical Account Manager, where you can really teach them about your business and where you want to go in the future. Your Technical Account Manager will be able to translate this and deliver the appropriate IT product, service or solution.

Why Your Business Needs IT Consultancy Services in London

A well-trained and highly experienced firm offering IT Consultancy services can bring countless benefits to your business. With the ability to reinvigorate older systems and implement innovative solutions, a dedicated consultant can be the catalyst your business needs to surge forward and gain an edge over its competition.

At Northern Star we offer expert IT support in London. We pride ourselves in the ability and expertise of our Technical Account Managers and we are sure that you will find their input invaluable if you want to do any of the following:

• Take Business Productivity to the Next Level

If you have an IT system that works, but is slightly outdated, our consultants can help inject new energy into your operations. While older systems may be comfortable, newer technology can help speed up and simplify processes, allowing your business to offer better service in less time. And, with a well-planned transition, there will be minimal loss in productivity during the switch between systems.

• Find Problems in Your Current IT Setup

If there are clear issues with your current IT setup, you need the assistance of one of Account Managers as soon as possible. The longer an issue is able to develop, the more your business suffers as a result. Our consultants have the experience necessary to diagnose problems quickly and decisively.

• Implement IT Solutions for a New Venture

If you are beginning a new enterprise or expanding your business, the guidance of a specialist IT service consultant is instrumental. Your dedicated Account Manager will be able to offer input and advice on the best systems for your goals as well as help you devise strategies to maximise your IT approach.

• Limit Costs through Outsourcing

If you want to limit your IT costs and stretch your budget, you may be unsure as to whether your technological operations can indeed be run remotely. An firm providing IT consultancy services in London can work with you to examine the viability of such a switch and help devise strategies for the success of an outsourced IT department.

Whether you want to boost your current IT solutions or implement new solutions for a future venture, the services of a well-qualified and experienced consultant are vital. This is because an IT consultant gives you a clear idea of the best approaches and helps your business follow them, thereby warding off uncertainty on your part and saving your business a great deal of time and money.

What an IT Consultant Does for Your Business

Services of IT consultants are exceptionally skilled, and they put their skills to good use in helping businesses get the most out of their IT systems. Here are just some of the ways in which one of our Account Managers can help your business:

• Understanding Your Business and Its Requirements

Our consultants avoid using generic strategies for their projects. Instead, they take great care to learn the intricacies of your business and its operations. Through an ongoing relationship, you will be able to teach your dedicated consultant about your desired direction for your business. This allows your consultant to take an educated approach towards satisfying your business’s unique requirements and goals.

• Understanding the Full Scope of Technological Possibilities

Many of the latest technological innovations can be used to speed up business processes while simultaneously making them more accurate and more substantial. It is thus important for your IT consultant to have comprehensive knowledge of current technological developments and trends. Through the implementation of up-to-date hardware and software, your business can position itself at the sharp end of your industry.

• Designing a Strategy that Works for Your Business

With a clear understanding of the way in which your business operates, our IT consultant will help design a strategy that will boost your business in the present as well as allow for future development. This will tie in with your goals and projections to ensure that your IT solutions are always completely in line with your overall business plan.

• Maintaining and Monitoring Your IT Setup

One of the key responsibilities of your Account Manager will be to ensure that your IT system performs as it should. This will include frequent monitoring of its performance and close analysis of any inconsistencies. Your Account Manager will address any issues as soon as they arise and provide fast, on-site support should the situation require it.

• Detecting Future Issues and Presenting Solutions

In addition to maintaining and monitoring your current setup, your dedicated IT consultant will keep a close eye on any circumstances that might lead to future technical issues. By prospectively monitoring all of your business’s IT processes, your consultant will be able to determine which areas need special attention. Your consultant will then devise possible solutions to these developing issues and present these to you so that you can work together towards the right solution for your business.

• Working Closely with You at Every Step

An integrated IT strategy is important as you develop and grow your business. By keeping up to date with developments, you are able to offer the best possible service to your customers and stay ahead of your competitors. You thus need an IT strategy that takes future growth into account. Our Account Managers understand this, which is why they will prepare an IT approach that allows for customisable expansion and will be present in each stage of its development.

Northern Star Offers The Best IT Consultancy Services in London

An IT consultant’s services should be friendly, engaging, willing to step up to any challenge, and quite simply there for you when you need them. In addition to these traits, a great consultant should be well-trained and have crucial knowledge of the industry, amassed through practical experience.

At Northern Star, our Account Managers have all of these desirable attributes, and more. Our team goes above and beyond to understand how your business works so that we can deliver strategies that are primed for your business’s individual needs. In so doing, we give you the best chance of establishing yourself at the forefront of your industry and creating an infrastructure for future technological growth.