Barclay Simpson

Barclay Simpson are a global provider of specialist recruitment services to the Finance industry employing 50 staff. Northern Star implemented, manage, maintain and support their global IT infrastructure and users in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and NYC. Barclay Simpson use Microsoft HyperV, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Terminal Services technologies as well as industry specific products.


  • Deliver an exceptional global IT infrastructure
  • Deliver on-going, high quality, round the clock support
  • Use technology to help maintain their competitive edge


  • Implemented secure, networked, server environments using the latest Microsoft Technologies
  • Northern Star’s Account Managers sourced, implemented and set-up server solutions in each geography
  • Each office supported and managed by Northern Star’s Account Managers


  • Barclay Simpson able to deliver a high quality of service on a global scale without worrying about an operational disconnect
  • Correct technology deployed to give them a high ROI
  • Global overheads greatly reduced