Armoured Auto Group (AAG)

Armoured Auto Group (AAG) are a manufacturer of car care products with direct operations in the United States, Canada, Australia and the U.K. and distributor relationships in approximately 50 countries. AAG employ 50 staff in the UK. Northern Star implemented, manage, maintain and support their UK IT infrastructure and users in accordance with and guidance from the US IT Department. Armoured Auto Group (AAG) use Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Office 365 as well as industry specific products.



  • Create a UK IT infrastructure, fully integrated and compliant with the standards set by the head office
  • Deliver on-going, high quality, round the clock support in conjunction with the IT teams
  • Deliver excellent value on hardware and software purchases in this territory


  • Implemented Office 365 technologies and secure on-premises server infrastructure, networked to the other sites
  • Northern Star’s Account Managers work closely with the AAG IT teams and UK users
  • Northern Star’s Account Managers to source compliant hardware and software for AAG


  • AAG able to deliver a high quality service in the UK, without losing time with IT issues
  • Head Office IT doesn’t waste resources on UK issues and trusts Northern Star implicitly to look after the UK IT
  • Total Cost of technology ownership greatly reduced