Northern Star launch “Refer and Reward”

We’ve been told that we’re living in a digital age of sharing. Unfortunately as great as we are with technology, we’re not entirely behind the social media side of things. After all, do you really want to know what Oliver had for lunch after he just single-handedly fixed your printer queue, or what Jack did last Saturday night after his on-call shift? Exactly.

But we do think sharing is a good thing. And if, like our other customers, you enjoy working with us and you hear someone has had a not-so-good experience with their IT team (slow systems, bounced emails or they just talk about having a generally irritating IT setup), point them in our direction. We’d love to help them out and as a thank you for thinking of us, we’ll give you £200 worth of Love 2 Shop vouchers, after they’ve had a successful month’s worth of a Northern Star support contract.

This is more our idea of sharing, and we hope you’ll feel the same way too!

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