Why Us?

We don’t actually have a USP.

With the overwhelming choice of IT support companies available to businesses, you have to be a pretty special organisation to hold on to a client base for over 15 years. Technology is fluid, moving all the time, but it's not just keeping up to date with the latest innovations that sets us apart, it's a combination of a number of different ways of working which we've developed over the years and found helps all of our clients enormously.


Good Account Management is at the heart of our business, we generate most of our revenue by working closely with our clients to learn and understand their needs, so that when it comes to anything IT, they trust us for the advice and guidance that they need.

Most of our new customers leave their current provider because they do not trust them to deliver quality support to their employees or they feel like other, sometimes larger companies, are being given priority over them. Northern Star works exclusively with companies with 5-100 employees, and each call is logged and handled within the SLA. Each logged call is ranked so that pressing issues, which could disturb the everyday running of the business are handled before smaller less urgent ones.

Values we are proud of:

  • The quality of service we deliver
  • Our specialist technical knowledge, skills and experience
  • Speed of response, flexibility and ability to resolve technical problems quickly
  • Our cost justified IT services that’s represents value for money to our customers